Trends in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research & Development-A Physics Perspective

Maceira, Monica and Blom, Philip Stephen and MacCarthy, Jonathan K and Marcillo, Omar Eduardo and Euler, Garrett Gene and Begnaud, Michael Lee and Ford, Sean R and Pasyanos, Michael E and Orris, Gregory J and Foxe, Michael P and others
Technical Report, Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2017

This document entitled “Trends in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research and Development – A Physics Perspective” reviews the accessible literature, as it relates to nuclear explosion monitoring and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT, 1996), for four research areas: source physics (understanding signal generation), signal propagation (accounting for changes through physical media), sensors (recording the signals), and signal analysis (processing the signal). Over 40 trends are addressed, such as moving from 1D to 3D earth models, from pick-based seismic event processing to full waveform processing, and from separate treatment of mechanical waves in different media to combined analyses. Highlighted in the document for each trend are the value and benefit to the monitoring mission, key papers that advanced the science, and promising research and development for the future.