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Sounds from the March 18th Utah Earthquake

When earthquakes are large and shallow, they act like giant subwoofers, shaking the ground and making sound. I’ve got a bit of a long-standing interest when it comes to infrasound (low-frequency sound) from earthquakes from Utah. I wrote a paper 8 years ago on understanding the infrasound generated by an earthquake in Southern Utah. When […]

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A reproducability crisis in scientific communication?

A fundamental tenet of science is the ability to reproduce the results of an experiment. With the increasing tendency of scientific research to rely on chains of algorithms embedded in computer code, the way we communicate scientific research may need to be rethought. How we teach students to communicate is an important part of meeting […]

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Existential threats to humanity, and the role of Earth Science

My first blog post, and it’s a heavy topic! I’m teaching a class this semester on forensic seismology that explores issues of nuclear arms control. Earth Science plays a key role here, just as it does in the other major existential threat to humanity: Climate change. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists publish the Doomsday […]

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